The Remote Stay Assistant (e-Stay Assistant)  

The Remote Stay Assistant (e-Stay Assistant) is a proprietary application which plays the role of a private concierge available 24 hours a day, thanks to which each guest may feel special at our hotel. All apartments are equipped with a modern tablet allowing for the use of the e-Stay Assistant at will. 

In addition, it is possible to download our free application from an online store and install it on a private mobile device to enjoy all the amenities of the e-Concierge outside the hotel as well.

After logging in to the application, our guests receive a personalized offer with access to a tourist guide enriched with a map of bicycle paths and a calendar of current cultural events in the region. Moreover, the application allows for remote booking of additional services, such as bike rental or ordering room service.

Using the Remote Stay Assistant also offers benefits in the form of discount codes to use with local partners, and allows you to take advantage of special discounts when making subsequent reservations. Another advantage of the e-Stay Assistant is the possibility of remote check-in and check-out without direct contact with the hotel staff.

With our application, you get more:
  • online check-ins and check-outs,

  • an option to settle all payments for our hotel’s services online,

  • access to a personalized tourist guide with an complimentary bicycle route map,

  • access to numerous special offers and promotions,

  • bony rabatowe do wykorzystania u lokalnych partnerów,

  • discount vouchers for our local business partners,

  • redirection to websites offering external services, e.g. movie tickets, cab service,

  • booking additional services offered by Green Aparthotel,

  • an interactive line of communication with the personnel of Aparthotel,
  • the ability to manage your reservation.

No more language barriers! The application is available with multiple language options.
Download for free and start your holiday with Aparthotel Green: